UltraESB-X and UltraStudio 17.07 - A new release with many exciting features

At the start of this year, we at Adroitlogic introduced UltraESB-X 17.01, the next generation of our flagship product UltraESB, developed on top of the new, flexible, extensible and lightweight Project-X platform. It was accompanied by our new Graphical Integration Development Environment named UltraStudio, developed on top of the world’s best IDE, IntelliJ IDEA.

So after 6 months from the initial release, the second major release of this product stack - the 17.07 version - came to light in the last week. Let’s have a quick look on what has been changed and what features has been newly introduced in this latest version.


Project-X, the core framework on top of which the UltraESB-X has been built, got many performance improvements, as well as API level improvements to enhance the usability, in this release. But we were careful not to introduce any breaking changes to the APIs, so that the projects developed on the 17.01 version can be ported to the new version without much hassle.

This version also introduced Graceful Shutdown capability to the UltraESB-X server runtime along with several new management endpoints to the REST based Management Server. In addition to that, the logging framework also has been improved to make it more developer friendly while UltraStudio is providing the ability to generate log codes with ease.

Mediation Features

In comparison to the previous version, 17.07 version has introduced the following set of new mediation features as well as enhancements to the existing features.
  • Cache feature - provides node level or cluster level caching functionalities
  • Date feature - provides date/time manipulation related functionalities
  • HTTP feature - provides HTTP related processing functionalities
  • JAXB feature - provides JAXB message processing related functionalities
  • SOAP feature - provides SOAP message processing related functionalities
All the available mediation features can be found here.


In addition to the existing connector improvements, the following new connectors have been added in the new version.
  • S3 ingress connector - can be used to retrieve files from Amazon S3 buckets
  • S3 egress connector - can be used to upload files to Amazon S3 buckets
  • Salesforce egress connector - can be used to integrate with Salesforce servers
All the available connectors can be found here.


With this version of the UltraESB-X, dozens of new processing elements have been introduced to cater various message processing requirements such as HTTP, SOAP, JAXB, XML related processing, scripting language support, error handling, date manipulation, response caching, looping, locking, advanced database operations, and many more.

All the available processors can be found here.


UltraStudio, the Graphical Integration Development Environment also got a new release in parallel to the UltraESB-X release and this new version got many usability enhancements as well as performance improvements to make the life of the developer much easier.

In addition, the UltraStudio is now available to be downloaded as a complete bundle embedded in IntelliJ IDEA as well as a standalone plugin which can be integrated to an existing Intellij IDEA installation. Feel free to go through the user guide of UltraStudio to get an overall idea about the new features.

So if you are interested in trying out these new and exciting features, head to our Getting Started Guide and give it a try. If you have any queries about any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us through our web site or just drop an email to info@adroitlogic.com.


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